Month: December, 2009

A day out with Ps Lau and Family

· December 30, 2009 · Family, Portrait

It was a great morning, where the sky is clear and the sea is calm. After a simple breakfast, we are off to the most common beach, just to have fun! Mazel is the most excited. You can see him running around and distracted by the sights of the playground. I guess he couldn’t decide which one is to be play with first XD

The happy family

Father and son

One happy family~

Mazel is so sweet 🙂

Spin Spin Spin~

I am on a higher ground

Under the sun

Slide Slide Slide

On the bridge

To the slide again with Daddy

How do I swing this thing?

I wanna go down~~

Hush Hush son

Erm, excuse me?

Mommy is tired >,<

Counting the pebbles on the chair

The tree of wisdom

Can you see what I see?

Dig Dug

Look at the camera XD

By the seaside

Little Mazel and the big sea

Kicking the water

This is fun~

I wanna take out my shoes

Little Croc Big Croc

Let me arrange the shoes properly

Mommy you wanna join us?

Do you wanna take out your shirt?

Now that's more like it ^^

Playing with the water

Time to go back little one

No! I wanna have fun

I wanna get tan

I wanna run

A little bit more pweasse?

Mommy and Daddy shifted my focus

Smile before we go

But it is still early

Cleaning up

Dry up

But I don't wanna go back yet

I guess we have to

Ps Lau and family will be leaving us and off to Taiwan to futher his studies. By the time they come back, I believe Little Mazel will grow up to be a Big Mazel then. I treasured this little moment together and I pray that the Lord will taking care and guiding them in their future undertaking. Bon Voyage!

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The Holy Matrimony of Pierre & Irene

· December 23, 2009 · Wedding

This is the first wedding shot I have ever had in my life! It has been a sleepless night as if I am the one who is getting married! HAHA. Anyway, the shots did not turn out well due to my noob way in handling the speedlight =_=!!! But, am happy because this experimental shots do help me to learn a lot. Thanks to the couples for giving me a chance to be the “ke le feh” photographer XD. A lot of pros running around and yeah, as  a beginner, i need to respect them  *salute* 




















this is my favourite shot 🙂 romantic~








May the Lord bless Pierre and Irene abundantly

The Holy Matrimony of Pierre & Irene · · December 23, 2009 · 2:35 pm · Wedding

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