Month: February, 2010

A day out with my lovely pal~

· February 18, 2010 · Portrait

I woke up slightly a little too late for the outing and I can hear Siaw Feng’s calling at the gate when I am still doing my grooming. The morning is slightly gloomy but thank God in the end we can see the most beautiful blue sky~ It is an amazing hang out with my old pal and another old pal cum professional photographer: Mr Ah Hua Siong hehehehe~

Thanks for the great strobing Mr Ah Hua~

This is a really different personality of Siaw Feng :p

I love to go a little emo when i take the shots. And i guess, Siaw Feng still looks the best when she just smile like she used to 🙂 A great outing indeed~


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The Love Story Part I

· February 13, 2010 · Art

Oh dear, how I love the sea~ the blue sky, the breeze and the sound of the sea, it’s totally awesome. And this is the first time I shot in the evening. The Sunlight is totally beautiful~ I was totally blown together with the scenery especially the thrill of getting my first sun flare~ I can’t help but to jump with joy XD

The models are my lovely sister and my brother 🙂 And I try to create a story, which originally is inspired by Marlene hehe. But I was too excited and most of the shots are totally unexpectedly-sponteneous, and in the end the story also went side tracked XD. Anyway, we have a good time definitely. Love the sunset. Love Miri’s blue sky!

 My First Sun Flare~~~~ so excited ^^












….to be continue

We sure have alot of fun and in between, I shot some of the funny and sponteneous shots too ^^

They are excited about the daisies, and I <3 daisies seriously~

Zhe in his emo mood.

I really love pink-ciplak-cheap-yet-cute-croc

I asked her to dance, and this is her special move XD

very emo mood. next time will bring the flash >,<

I really love this shot very much ^^

Familiar posing? XD *spiderman

Maple Story's Flower Swords in action XD

Sweet O' sis and her daisy

Paint with the flower

A girl and a flower

The sunset today is seriously beautiful

My cute lil sis ^^

Samurai Zhe

Give it to thee

Give it to thee (b)

Give it to thee (c)

Beach girl ^^

 Morning shots and the evening shots are very very different. The time is really short for the evening session. No wonder there is a chinese proverbs saying: The Sunset is no doubt beautiful, but it only lasted for awhile…

The Love Story Part I · · February 13, 2010 · 12:59 am · Art

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