Month: March, 2010

Teik Seng + Annie

· March 19, 2010 · Wedding

This is probably the most meaningful and fun session where I got to have the rarest chance to meet up with my almost-disconnected-16-years-old friends! Thanks to Teik Seng and Annie’s special day that brought us all together. Nonetheless, I also have this honor to be their non-official photographer! I was so thrilled and almost insomnia when I think about what frame and style should I take… But in the end of the day, my role is to capture this very special moment that will be treasured for life!

Thanks to Teik Seng, the groom who actually pick us up at the airport. (Such honor!) We have a rest at his house before going to the hotel. And of course, some snaps at the night before the BIG day!

Congratulation to Teik Seng and Annie! May both of you be blessed abundantly, be in love and most of all treasure each other in this new journey of yours!


Teik Seng + Annie · · March 19, 2010 · 1:23 am · Wedding · Show 4 Comments

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Of Art + Passion

· March 8, 2010 · Art

This project is borned last year when KLPhotoAwards was introduced to me. During that stage, it was rather too ambitious for me to go on. And so it was on hold until today, then an opportunity drop by at the door…. with God’s amazing timing I would say. Here I wanna pour out my gratitute to Lawrence who had did the most wonderful make up and lend me the studio for this exploration. And also Desmond sacrificial contribution to be the model of the project, as well as my little lovely sister who had assisted me with the lighting, you are the best.

I have been always attracted with Peking / Chinese Opera since young. I remembered my dad told me that I will shut up whenever the opera was played at the television. They are just aesthetically beautiful. And today, with this amazing opportunity, I can combine my passion with the art of the Chinese Opera, eventhough it is not into that exact details. But the exploration is indeed a fruitful one.  We all are having fun that day. Seriously!

Lawrence took 1 and a half hour for this wonderful make up *thumbs up*

I will say Desmond is really pretty with the make up

The intervene of the civilisation towards the culture

The same concept but rather expressively in this frame

Same concept as above, but a different presentation

the seeking "Hua Dan"

The bride


The waiting bride

The expression is just beautiful. Kudos!

The bride preparing herself for the happily ever after tales

Hoping and Dreaming

Sleeping beauty

Married to the civilisation

The session took almost a half day and I really trully wanna give thanks to all of you guys who have helped me to make this project came true! I have learnt alot from this wonderful session! Hope for the best!


Of Art + Passion · · March 8, 2010 · 11:59 pm · Art

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