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· February 19, 2012 · Art, Inspiration

One of the favorite hang out in my home will be the kitchen. It is a place where I can hunt some yummy leftovers, nibble some food when mom just finishes preparing for a meal, and explore some not-so-success culinary experiments once in a blue moon. If I would have to observe the set up of the kitchen, it is fully equipped with all the handy tools and utensils which served their purpose for either common use, or for a certain special occasion.

I personally love the teacup a lot. They are small, made of ceramic, and definitely pleasant to look at. By observing these little teacups, they did inspire me in some aspect of my life, as His vessel.

A teacup will faithfully performs its job as a teacup, serving its master a cup of good o’ tea whenever the master feel like having one. It is designed specifically for its purpose. It brings pleasure to the master because of the good o’ tea in it, and the appearance of the teacup also pleases the eyes of its master. After performing its task, it will be cleaned and kept safely due to its delicate nature. The master will never use a teacup to boil an egg, fry a fish or even to bake a cake. That’s just doesn’t make sense, after all a “tea”cup is for the tea!

In the journey of serving the Lord, it is definitely not easy. Often time, I am defeated by the “primitive side” of myself. I have this weakness whereby I often felt inferior as I served together with the brothers and sisters in Christ. I tend to compare with them and get negative as I find myself not able to perform a greater task. Sometime, a certain feedback or a certain reaction from the fellow brothers and sisters will agitate this weakness. It always knocks me down and I can only get up through His strength. I remembered at one of the process of healing, these verse strikes me to the heart. 1 Cor 12:12 Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. I began to reflect upon His words and ask questions to examine myself.

“Why do You Lord, have chosen a person so unworthy as I am, but enable me to serve You in such a way?”

“Why am I so compelled to the critics of men instead of Your praise?”

“Why should I compare to each other and become inferior since each of us is made differently with a unique talent to serve You the way we are created?”

The kitchen is not filled up with just the teacups. It is fully equipped with tools and utensils of big and small. Each of them does their part in preparing a certain food. You don’t use a big frying pan to prepare the tea, even though the size looks bizarre. Or a teacup to fry some egg! Each tools and utensils are design specifically for their purpose; from a smaller task to a bigger task, and each plays an equally important role to prepare a meal.

With this, I began to examine my life and how I have been created specifically as His vessel. I might not be able to do a lot of things, but I am designed to have a certain talent that others might not have. Just like the teacup, which is unable to fry, but are designed specifically to serve the tea. Why should a teacup compare with the frying pan? Or why should it feel inferior when the frying pan is able to perform a greater task? The teacup serves the master with the hot tea, while the frying pan fries the egg. And the master enjoys having his good o’ breakfast, with a cup of tea and the fried egg.

In the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to thank the Creator for who we are and serve Him the way we are created. We are created to worship Him, please Him and glorify Him.

Let’s serve the Master faithfully and joyfully the way we are designed to be!

Teacup · · February 19, 2012 · 8:44 pm · Art, Inspiration

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