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Lost in Translation: Faces of Korea

· September 21, 2012 · Photojournalism

As you dip deeper into the Korean culture, you will find everything is revealing right before your eyes. What you are about to see is their true colors. Exposed and real.

This is the thing that a tour is unable to provide you. In a tour, you will be well protected, pampered and maybe even covered up. You might lost touch of a certain place you had visited because most of the time, you will be sleeping on the bus, eat and take photos as you arrived the destination. Everything you see might be just a beautiful planned packaging. And what the tour guide told you is but a tale that had been “beautify” or “modified”.

Not so, if you are going on a free and easy trip. Our first day is quite a pain when we experienced the rudeness and the non-English speaking taxi drivers. For a time, we thought this whole trip was a total disaster. And then the accommodation. It is cheap but the quality is really under our expectation! The room is super small and the condition is just in a bad shape.

Other than that, I still enjoy this trip, a lot. I love the scenery, the weather, the food and the time we hopped around in the subways and the challenging non-English buses! It is a bitter and sweet experience, yet it is also a satisfying one when you see that the itinerary is being fulfilled as planned.

This time around, I decided to try something I never did before. Street photographing 🙂 Capturing the faces of people and the expressions are a whole new thing to me. I got scolded sometime, but it is not a big deal after all since I don’t understand them at all LOL. Anyway, enough words and let’s enjoy the pictures~

A rare scene in the metro train where a middle age woman selling scarf. I got scolded for taking this shot.


Another middle age man selling some house hold item that can clean the block sink.


The middle age man approached his potential customers in the train.


It is pleasant to see old folks chatted excitedly in the train.


Morning scene in the train.


Waiting at the platform for the next train.


Look carefully into the reflections.


Scenery at the train’s platform.


Scene in the train.


Royal guards in front of the Gyeongbokgung palace.


Outdoor learning at the Gyeongbokgung palace.


The everyday path that we will take from our hotel to the Yongsan station.


The dog owner.


The whimsical ice cream man.


A beggar at the street of Insadong.


Faces in Insadong.


Faces in Insadong.


Somehow, I think Korean couples are more romantic. Maybe it is because of the drama.


Sitting at the bench is always an advantage to take shot like this.


Faces in Insadong.




Kids enjoying the things they like.


Spontaneous shot as the lady hug the child.


The girls are preparing themselves for the street performance.


Even though the instruments look simple, the music they play is very intriguing.


Scene on the road.


A group of Taekwando kids passed us by when we are entering into the Namsangol Hanok Village.


Children playing in front of the entrance.


A child sitting in front of village’s door.


We are lucky to see a couple, wearing the traditional costumes, having their pre-wedding shots at the Village.


The wrong way can be the right way. Bumped into the marathon racers on our journey to the Namsan park.


Marathon racers.


Road scene.


A group of children visiting the Everland theme park.



Lost in Translation: Faces of Korea · · September 21, 2012 · 11:23 pm · Photojournalism

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