Jessie’s Maternity

· July 11, 2015 · Maternity, Portrait

Celebrating the coming of their first child, James and Jessie decided to document this very exciting moment together with me. It is really touching every time I took the photo of a soon to be mom, and I can’t help but think of my mom: how great their love and sacrifice for their children.

It is a significant moment because 5 years ago, I am together with them as they sign their ROM, and also with them at the day they make their vow. And today, as I witness this very moment, I am truly thankful to be able with James and Jessie again.

Here are some of the shots of the day. 🙂 As advised, these are not all of the shots as the rest of the series, they decided to view privately and not to be online. I pray that they will be a great mom and dad to raise their child with love, patient and wisdom. All the best soon to be mom and dad!







Jessie’s Maternity · · July 11, 2015 · 1:33 pm · Maternity, Portrait

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